Law Professionals have been hesitant to adopt social media as part of their marketing strategy. There is a widespread misconception that social media is only intended for tech-savvy Millennials who are interested in drawing an audience of like-minded folks on the Internet. Taking advantage of social media is a proven way to reach a broader audience and attract new business. Below are a few instances where social media can be used in a productive way for any law professional.


This platform started out as a way for people to share the events of their days via short 140-character messages, but Twitter has grown to be something much larger. Major politicians have Twitter followers that number in the millions. For those who are able to gain followers, there are few ways to get a message out. ESPN broadcaster Jay Bilas is known for calling college basketball games. However, most people are probably unaware that he’s also a successful lawyer. Finding your voice and audience on twitter is a great way to connect with those in need of your expertise.


Facebook is another major social media platform that lawyers have started to utilize. Like Twitter, Facebook is a platform for sharing a variety of content. There was never a 140-character limit on Facebook, but it’s a great option for lawyers to get their names out to the public. Facebook allows businesses to pay for advertising on the platform, and these ads can be much cheaper than traditional media buys on local television stations. This social media outlet also allows a business to set up a page that shares what it most wants the public to know. Facebook is the perfect platform to create a business page to provide vital business information.


LinkedIn will not provide interaction with the general public that sites like Twitter or Facebook will provide. However, there is a benefit that a LinkedIn profile can provide for lawyers. This site is intended for professional networking, and lawyers can interact with other lawyers on the site who may have specialized expertise. 

Many professionals tend to be conservative and stick with what’s worked in the past. However, in a digital forward age, taking advantage of social media opportunities is key to building and maintaining a client base. Social networking sites allow lawyers to get their message out to members of the public who are most likely in need of their services.