A lawyer’s work is never done. In all sincerity, the legal profession is one of those occupational pursuits that require continual learning and exposure to new concepts as well as emerging technologies in the field. Given the fact that attorneys in most jurisdictions have a responsibility to stay up-to-date on the ever-evolving technological landscape of their profession in addition to their other duties, here are some of the top free legal resources for lawyers.


With the advent of streaming services, there are a plethora of resources available at the touch of a button or voice command that not only entertain but educate, as well. Among the most popular streaming options these days, podcasts are leading the way. While these audio chat sessions may not be new and are available on countless topics, podcasts based on legal themes are a relatively new development. Perhaps it is a result of the 24/7 news cycle, a need for free counsel, or society’s fascination with true crime, but the prevalence of legal-themed podcasts cannot be denied.


Another advent of technological advancement and global access to the Internet is the increasing popularity of blogs. These creative outlets and innovative teaching tools are redefining self-expression as well as providing valuable insights into nearly every topic imaginable.

While trying to decide which blogs to read could be a daunting task, a new global legal news network site from Lexblog, which monitors and categorizes nearly 20,000 legal blogs from around the world, could be a directory worth exploring. It could be considered a literary YouTube of Law that covers a myriad of issues affecting the practice and future of the profession.

Online Tutorials, Webinars, and Other Related Resources 

Legal-based organizations, such as state and local bar associations, the American Bar Association, and other related providers, often offer free tutorials and webinars. In some cases, these educational sessions may qualify for accreditation. Moreover, many of these same sponsors offer free guides, ebooks, and other training materials that address law practice management, legal technology, and emerging advancements in the field. 

Another asset that cannot be neglected is the availability of free online legal research tools. Applications, such as Google Scholar and artificial intelligence, or AI, resources, can help streamline research efforts, bolster productivity, and provide more accurate results.