Retaining a lawyer is a must for any business or entrepreneur, especially when it comes to seeking legal counsel on any business decision, or any decision that could face legal ramifications down the road. It’s ill-advised to wait until you need an attorney to seek counsel, as that can often time be too late depending on the situation, especially in such a litigation-driven society.

Whether you are an entrepreneur seeking to open launch a product, or a small business seeking tax advice, it’s always a great idea to hire legal counsel. Here are some qualities to look for in order to find a successful attorney to act on your behalf.


A great place to start in your attorney search is by asking around. Talk with some people and businesses you trust and consider their recommendations before you begin. Also, talk with them about their experiences to see what advice they may have in terms of certain firms or attorneys to avoid.

Successful attorneys tend to always have a list of references. If they have worked with clients in the past with successful outcomes, it’s always worth discussing their experiences with them to get some inside tips on the process.


While experience does not always equate ability, lawyers who have litigation experience tend to have more insight to offer than someone who may just be starting out. This is especially true if you are seeking an attorney who works within a specific industry or legal field. Great lawyers should have great experience to back up their work and should ultimately make you feel more confident along the way.


A crucial aspect of finding a great lawyer is finding one with great communication skills. Your attorney should be speaking to you and explaining things in a way that you understand.  Communication is key!

While these are not the only qualities of a successful attorney, they can be very important and the most telling. Trust your instincts and seek out someone who has experience in your field, and the ability to understand and address your needs.