Some Lawyers charge a consultation fee to meet with you. Thus, it makes practical sense to prepare before your legal consultation to avoid wasting anyone’s time and money. Here are four ways on how to prepare for a consultation with a prospective lawyer:

Write Down Questions 

Have a list of questions ready before your meeting. Jot it down on a notepad and bring it with you so you can write down the lawyer’s answers. Common questions to ask include what the lawyer’s fee is, how they are paid(installment vs lump sum), and how many similar cases they’ve handled and how many of those cases they’ve won. 

Bring Important Documents

Important documents that you should have with you when you meet with a lawyer including documents that support your potential claims. You should make copies of the documents so you can leave a set for the lawyer to assess after the meeting. 

Be Prepared for Payment

As mentioned earlier, some lawyers charge a fee for initial consultations. You should have money with you when you meet with a prospect. Beforehand, ask if they require payments to be in check, or via credit/debit card. 

Final Thoughts

The more complex your case is, the more time you should spend preparing for it. Don’t be afraid to ask questions during a consultation. A successful meeting entails both parties having enough information about each other to proceed with the potential case. There must also be mutual trust and clear lines of communication for this partnership to work.